The Champions (60's series) cut on ITV4

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The Champions (60's series) cut on ITV4

Postby Mercury » 14 Sep 2010, 17:39

An episode called The Fanatics (episode 12 - season 1) cut on ITV4.

Yes quite incredibly ITV4 have suddenly decided that the shot of Richard Barrett removing a lightbulb and then placing his fingers into the socket to short circuit the wiring was not suitable for afternoon screenings - despite the fact it had already been screened uncut by them about a thousand times before. As some of you may know ITV4 continue to show repeats of this programme in the mornings and afternoons and they have been doing this for years. To be honest when I first saw the scene I was a bit surprised that they allowed it as anyone copying it could either die or suffer serious injuries. Even so they went onto to show the episode uncut as mentioned repeatedly and it appears to be just this week that they have finally intervened. I can only imagine somebody complained. Interestingly and somewhat surprisingly the BBFC have never cut the scene, passing it PG uncut twice. I don't know if they would pass it now.
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Re: The Champions (60's series) cut on ITV4

Postby HunterBFH » 14 Sep 2010, 17:58

Interesting that is Merc! :o

ITV4 are also continuing showing the (BBFC) cut version of The Profesiionals episode "A Hidng To Nothing" despite this been passed uncut for its second DVD release. Was shown uncut on the old Sky channel - Granada yes as well on LWT over 25-30 years ago!
Works for me!
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